Adventurous Minds

She has an eye for adventure

Notice the determined look in Iowa State veterinary researcher Heather Greenlee’s eye? It’s because…

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A statistical adventure

Iowa State graduate Cynthia Clark says she was surprised when she found out she…

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An adventure far, far away

Four thousand light years away. That’s where Iowa State professor of physics and astronomy…

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An adventure with the nanovaccine dream team

Nanovaccines may be small, but the nanovaccine research being conducted at Iowa State is…

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An adventure waiting to be painted

To some, a paintbrush is merely a tool used to transfer paint from palette…

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Law enforcement lines up for his research

Most TV police dramas go something like this. An eyewitness scans a photo lineup…

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In the spirit of George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a brilliant scientist and educator who helped farmers with ideas…

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Adventurous minds

Think about biofuels for a minute. Now, what comes to mind? Ethanol? Biodiesel? If…

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Building a sustainable future

Imagine a day when the buildings that we work and live in actually generate…

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