Cyclone Adventures

Iowa State students, faculty, staff, and alumni are known for being as adventurous as they come. Here’s where you can read about some of the adventures they’ve been on – from helping solve world hunger to becoming one of the country’s top fashion designers and everything in between.

A life-changing adventure

Ames, Iowa, may seem like it’s a world away from South Africa. But Iowa…

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Adventures in seeking an Alzheimer’s cure

Imagine you’re talking about your favorite author, when suddenly you can’t remember the word…

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It’s not just business. It’s an adventure.

How do Iowa State multicultural business students ensure they’re ready for their future careers?…

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On an adventure to find her voice

It can take some people years, even decades, to find their voice. But Vanessa…

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A marching musical adventure

Iowa State football fans love the Iowa State University Cyclone Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band….

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Adventuring through cyberspace

Watch the nightly news and chances are you’ll see stories about cybersecurity. From how…

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Adventuring for a cause

Research being conducted at Iowa State could potentially change the lives of thousands of…

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The start of a big adventure

When a night of telling ghost stories with new friends turns into a sleepover…

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A magical adventure

A Disney internship just might be the happiest internship on earth for Iowa State…

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