For anyone who has ever tried to write a book, getting one published is the dream of a lifetime. But Alex Halsted wrote 100 Things Twins Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die at the wise old age of 19. Now he is looking to take on a different challenge. “I didn’t start writing with the idea that one day I’d want to become a sports writer,” said Alex. “But the opportunities that I’ve had because of it certainly set me down that career path.”

Alex looked at several schools across the Midwest. It was Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication that caught his eye. During his visit, he met with professors in the department, learning a lot about his future opportunities in and out of the classroom. This ultimately helped him make his decision to start his adventure at Iowa State.

“You definitely can’t beat the campus at Iowa State and how everything feels together. As I arrived in Ames and entered my freshman year at Iowa State last August, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve made my best friends here, had a lot of great experiences, and I can certainly say that I made the right choice.”

On campus, you’ll meet all kinds of students like Alex, finding their own adventure and following their dreams.