Who would turn down a three-year, fully paid college scholarship? Chloe Williams did — and it was all because she wanted to join Iowa State’s high-ranking Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. Said Williams, freshman in military science, “I turned down an Army ROTC scholarship from the University of Texas at Arlington because I wanted to be a part of the best Army ROTC program in the nation.”

Williams isn’t the first student to come to Iowa State because of our Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC programs. They constantly attract students from across the country. Most, like Williams, have taken notice of our ROTC accomplishments. For example, the Cyclone Battalion has been number one in the nation for physical fitness at the Leadership Development Assessment Course the last two years.

But ROTC is about more than just physical accomplishments. It’s about finding a support system within a unique academic opportunity. “Being an Army ROTC cadet has allowed me to make friends with people who are exceptionally positive and well-rounded. It’s like having a built-in support system,” said Williams. “ROTC helps you discover your strengths, build your confidence, and make you a leader.”

No matter your academic interests, Iowa State offers opportunities you won’t want to pass up. From ROTC to economics, microbiology, and more, there’s an adventure here waiting just for you. You can roger that.

Update: In March, the Cyclone Battalion was named one of the top eight battalions among the 275 nationwide, winning it an elite MacArthur Award. This is the fifth time in eight years the battalion has won this award.