Academic Opportunities

Red Planet Adventures

Everyone knows Mars is called the Red Planet. But maybe its other nickname should…

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Entrepreneurial adventures

For some Iowa State students, working the typical 9 to 5 for someone else…

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Adventurous Research Leads to the Global Stage

Iowa State junior Aimee Schulz is aiming to make a difference when it comes…

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An adventure in social change

In a perfect world, every childhood would be completely carefree. Unfortunately, for many kids,…

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A life-changing adventure

Ames, Iowa, may seem like it’s a world away from South Africa. But Iowa…

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Adventuring through cyberspace

Watch the nightly news and chances are you’ll see stories about cybersecurity. From how…

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In search of greener adventures

Farmers in search of greener pastures are looking to Iowa State students for help….

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An adventure of their own design

If you go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the next few months,…

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A real-life business adventure

For most people, just thinking about giving a presentation to high-ranking business executives from…

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