Adventurous Minds

Adventures in seeking an Alzheimer’s cure

Imagine you’re talking about your favorite author, when suddenly you can’t remember the word…

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Adventuring for a cause

Research being conducted at Iowa State could potentially change the lives of thousands of…

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Cloaked in adventure

An invisibility cloak might sound like something you’d only find at Hogwarts. But before…

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Adventure grows by leaps and bounds

When you think of the fast-growing renewable resource known as bamboo, chances are you…

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Her adventure is making the world healthier

Tens of millions. That’s the number of people Surya Mallapragada has the potential to…

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She has an eye for adventure

Notice the determined look in Iowa State veterinary researcher Heather Greenlee’s eye? It’s because…

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A statistical adventure

Iowa State graduate Cynthia Clark says she was surprised when she found out she…

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An adventure far, far away

Four thousand light years away. That’s where Iowa State professor of physics and astronomy…

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An adventure with the nanovaccine dream team

Nanovaccines may be small, but the nanovaccine research being conducted at Iowa State is…

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