Welcoming Environment

Adventuring wisely

Eleven. Thirteen. Twenty-six. No, this isn’t a secret lock combination. It’s the percentages of…

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It all adds up to adventure

In the world of mathematics, there are many universal truths. Like 1 + 1…

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Wellness Adventures

Iowa State University’s new Student Wellness center is a one-stop shop designed to guide…

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Transferring to adventure

Will I fit in? What will my classes be like? Will all of my…

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It’s not just business. It’s an adventure.

How do Iowa State multicultural business students ensure they’re ready for their future careers?…

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The start of a big adventure

When a night of telling ghost stories with new friends turns into a sleepover…

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Enjoy the adventure.

Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy making new friends who feel like old friends. Enjoy cleaning…

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An adventure with open arms

“How can I help students of color feel welcome at Iowa State?” As multicultural…

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Learning communities: Adventuring together

When Jamila Johnson wants to study with her Iowa State classmates, she doesn’t have…

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