If you look at Associate Professor U. Sunday Tim’s profile page, you’ll notice his specialties include water quality modeling, spatial decision support systems, environmental forensics and geospatial analytics. Left off this list is perhaps his most impressive specialty of all: he’s focused on helping his students succeed.

“On Saturday afternoons, I meet with students and review their résumés to help prepare them for their careers,” said Dr. Tim. “As a mentor, I enjoy watching their personal and professional growth.”

At Iowa State, we have 1,700 faculty members who, like Dr. Tim, are leading scholars — but who are also passionate about guiding students to a brilliant future. We also offer more than 80 learning communities that help students succeed academically and fit into campus life faster. It’s an environment that’s welcoming and supportive.

“College is a new and exciting adventure for a student, but one that may come with a few challenges,” said Dr. Tim. “As an educator, my role is to offer assistance and support to students in their journey to self-reliance and independence.”

Dr. Tim can certainly teach you a thing or two about biosystems engineering. And about life.