In the future, 3D body scanners will move out of airports and into clothing stores, creating virtual fitting rooms for custom-tailored garments.

At Iowa State, that future is now. Professor Fatma Baytar has already begun to experiment with this technology in a way that promises to revolutionize the fashion world. She has adapted 3D body scanners to enable consumers to create a personalized avatar of themselves, so they can “try on” clothes virtually and find the perfect fit.

“Technology will change the fashion system,” says Professor Baytar. “It’s better to have a more sustainable system where we don’t have to create a bunch of garments but customize fewer, quality garments for the consumer.”

In every college and every major at Iowa State, you’ll find professors like Fatma Baytar whose research is not only changing the world. But it’s also inspiring their students.

As for Professor Baytar, she’s using technology to push the boundaries of the fashion world and taking her students along for the adventure.