Go forth. Make games. Be awesome. This is the welcoming mantra of the Iowa State Game Development Club, one of more than 800 clubs and organizations available to join on campus. From weekly Twitch streams, monthly workshops, and game jams, the club offers its 100+ members opportunities to explore the latest game design and programming techniques and to meet friends.

Open to all skill levels, the Iowa State Game Development Club brings together graphic designers, coders, and gaming enthusiasts to stretch their creativity, try out new development processes, and, of course, play and critique new games. Monthly workshops cover topics such as character design to scene unity, while social nights are about game tournaments and PIZZA! Iowa State alums also are active members and attend workshops and some of the events.

The collaboration is taken to new heights twice a semester when it’s game jam time. Described as “low pressure, high chaos,” this event challenges members to build a new game from scratch in 48 hours. These gaming drills are a fun challenge and allow students to build up their portfolios.

“Game jams are some of our biggest events and bring together writers, programmers, and designers to focus on one goal – build a new game in 48 hours,” says Elizabeth Li, a software engineering student and Iowa State Game Development Club member. “It’s a truly unique experience and a great opportunity to work with a diverse team and build something together.”

Being active in a social club or student-led organization is a big part of the Iowa State experience that allows you to meet friends with similar interests and diverse backgrounds. Whether it’s game development, hip hop dance, kayaking, or nature conservation, you can find a club that sparks your interests. Check out the full list.