Scott Siepker, a.k.a. the Iowa Nice Guy, only has (extremely) nice things to say about his time at Iowa State. “I could — and maybe someday will — fill book chapters about my experience at Iowa State. No single place has had more of an effect on my life,” said Siepker. In fact, he enjoyed his time here so much, one of his dreams is to return to Iowa State as an artist in residence so he can give back to his alma mater’s student body.

Siepker (’05) came to Iowa State thinking he wanted to be a psychologist. But in his sophomore year, he did something that changed his career path. He took an acting class. “That one decision changed my life,” he said. And after landing a role in A Christmas Carol, he was hooked on acting.

Fast forward a few years and Siepker’s acted in films and commercials, hosted a couple of TV shows, and created maybe his most memorable role so far — the Iowa Nice Guy. But how does Siepker differ from his famous role? “I’m not nearly as cool or sophisticated as he is. But I can tell you for certain that I am much nicer than the Iowa Nice Guy.” Maybe the Iowa Nice Guy’s name is a misnomer, but it’s this role that has led Siepker to some amazing feats he may not have had otherwise. You know, like getting 1+ million views on YouTube for his original Iowa Nice video.

While he was at Iowa State, Siepker discovered his life’s calling. With 100 majors and more than 800 clubs and organizations on campus to choose from, Iowa State students are sure to find theirs, too. That’s pretty nice indeed.