Chile. Belgium. Germany. Switzerland. These are a few of the places that have hosted the World Congress for the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS). But this summer, IAAS members will flock to Iowa — because from July 13-31, Iowa State will host the World Congress.

Getting to host this event is an honor. After all, students from more than 40 countries participate in IAAS, so there’s a long list of noteworthy locations to choose from. But with hard work from IAAS members Genna Tesdall, junior in global resource systems and biology, and Rebecca Clay, sophomore in agronomy, the IAAS committee chose Iowa State for this year’s congress. Tesdall may have had a little pull — she’s also the international president of this 100,000-member organization.

By joining clubs at Iowa State, you’ll have the chance to find amazing leadership opportunities just like Tesdall has. You’ll also get to learn from and about other students. In the case of IAAS, members get to meet students from all around the world who share their same interests. That’s part of the reason Dylan Clark, senior in global resource systems and environmental studies, joined. Said Clark, “I became involved in IAAS because of the opportunities to learn from other passionate students at Iowa State and around the world.”

With more than 800 student clubs and organizations on campus, you should have no problem discovering one or two perfect for you at Iowa State. They’re how you’ll discover — and deepen — your passions. It’s like Tesdall said, “Clubs are the spice of life at Iowa State! They not only take you beyond your major, but they take you outside Iowa State, and if you wish, the United States.” So, are you ready for an international adventure?