Your dream job. An awesome internship. A unique co-op experience. You name it — the talented career services staff at Iowa State can help you find it. They offer the support you need to reach the future you’ve always wanted. As a bonus, they’re a pretty friendly bunch, too. But how do they do it?

Every year, career services staff spends hour upon hour organizing career fairs, networking events, mock interviews, alumni activities, and much more. All for the same purpose — to help Iowa State students find their next amazing adventure. Thousands of students participate in these events with great success, like making connections with future employers.

Iowa State’s career services department is unique because every college on our campus has its own career services office. Only 15 percent of U.S. colleges and universities are set up this way. Kathy Wieland, director of Business Career Services says this, “We’re proud to be one of the few U.S. universities with this type of structure. It allows each college to deliver personalized attention to its students.”

The hard work career services staff puts in every day is paying off for Iowa State students — on average, 94 percent of our undergraduate students go on to a career or further education of their choice within six months of graduation. Pretty awesome, huh?